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Aluminum windows

зеркальні склопакети

Windows from aluminum profile systems are gaining more and more popularity every year. There is an explanation for this: window openings are being designed in ever larger sizes and there are no prerequisites that this trend will ever change. Plastic and wooden window and door systems have a number of limitations and disadvantages compared to light, rigid and durable aluminum.
Brands of aluminum systems with which we work:

  • ALUPROF, Poland
  • REYNAERS, Belgium
  • Schüco, Germany

The leader in sales is the Polish aluminum systems company ALUPROF. This is primarily due to the price of products. ALUPROF offers very high-quality products at a better price. It is worth noting that the ALUPROF plant is the largest producer of aluminum window and door systems in Europe.

Features of aluminum windows

An aluminum window is a product with a beautiful appearance, the highest frame surface stability and unlimited design possibilities. An aluminum profile window adds prestige to the object and raises its status. Today, manufacturers of aluminum systems from different countries of the world are represented on the window and door market, and all of them have large catalogs of technical solutions.

“Aluminum windows in a private house – an opportunity to get maximum light.”

Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material. This makes it possible to glaze huge openings and make double-glazed windows of the maximum size. Sliding solutions deserve special attention. Demand for large format glazing is constantly growing and the dynamics will not change in the future.

Advantages of aluminum windows

  • aluminum windows are more rigid and durable than plastic or wooden ones
  • systems do not need additional strengthening
  • it is possible to paint the profile in any color according to RAL
  • the surface can be structured

If we compare aluminum and plastic windows, it is worth noting that

The aluminum profile of the window makes it possible to produce much larger windows than plastic systems. Aluminum windows glazing of modern cottages guarantees the absence of subsidence and frame deformations.

Of course, do not forget that plastic windows are much cheaper and this determines their popularity. Very often, a rational solution is a combination of plastic and aluminum profiles on site.

How much do aluminum windows cost?

The price of aluminum windows Kyiv can be calculated in an online calculator or by contacting our managers. If you want to buy aluminum windows at the best price, leave a request for a consultation and our representative will contact you as soon as possible.

If you need to order an aluminum window, the price can be completely different and it depends on the correct design and configuration.

Prices for aluminum glazing depend on:

  • installation depth of the profile
  • colors and patterns of painting
  • number of chambers and sealing circuits
  • fittings
  • double glazing

Do not forget that aluminum systems come in warm and cold versions. The prices for such systems are higher than for plastic windows, but the cold glazing of balconies, terraces, gazebos in aluminum can be even more attractive in price.

Product range

  • Window and door systems. Aluprof aluminum systems provide wide opportunities for creating various types of windows and doors.
  • Sliding systems. Sliding structures are very popular among owners of private houses, cottages, entertainment, office and shopping centers. Sliding systems increase the space, erase the boundaries between the room and the environment, so they are often used when creating an exit to a balcony, terrace, winter garden.
  • Systems of blinds, blinds and mosquito nets. Aluprof offers its customers modern, reliable and practical external systems of roller shutters and blinds, garage doors, doors for industrial and warehouse facilities, as well as convenient mosquito nets to protect premises from insects in the summer.
  • Facade systems. Aluprof facade systems allow you to create glass facades of office, commercial and administrative buildings, hotels, sports complexes, and glass roofs. The most common are rack-and-transom facade systems.
  • Systems for energy-saving and passive construction. One of the priority tasks of modern object construction is minimizing the use of energy resources, creating objects capable of receiving energy from the environment. Aluprof has created systems suitable for implementing energy-efficient tasks in construction, as well as creating passive houses.
  • Systems of internal partitions. Aluprof has developed modern systems for creating internal partitions that are stationary and open, which allows for effective zoning of space. Widely used in office premises and business centers.
  • Fire protection and smoke exhaust systems. Fire protection systems from the Aluprof company allow you to create window and door structures, internal partitions for buildings with an increased fire hazard, which contribute to the effective evacuation of people, the creation of smoke-proof structures, smoke evacuation.
  • Anti-burglary window and door systems. The systems are created using elements that increase the resistance of windows and doors to penetration from the outside.

Where to buy aluminum windows in Kyiv?

TM “Nimetsky vikna” offers high-quality aluminum windows and doors from the world’s leading manufacturers at the best price. We have extensive experience in glazing cottages, entrance groups and commercial and office premises.
The salon presents samples of aluminum profiles, finished products, painting in popular colors, accessories and much more.

Design and installation of aluminum windows and doors requires a qualified approach and experience. In order to achieve the maximum performance of heat insulation, noise insulation, as well as the durability of overall aluminum structures, we use only original components for installation.
Our specialists have been trained in the training centers of system manufacturers and have extensive experience.

Алюмінієві вікна Aluprof

Aluminum windows in the cottage, Aluprof MB86

Алюмінієва розсувна система Aluprof

Aluminum sliding system Aluprof

Скління тераси панорамними вікнами з ламінацією

Terrace glazing with panoramic windows and sliding systems

REHAU Euro-Design 70

Панорамні вікна Рехау від стелі до полу

Rehau panoramic windows from ceiling to floor

REHAU Euro-Design 70


Which brand is better to choose for a cottage?

In terms of price / quality ratio – Aluprof is the leading brand in the EU and Ukraine.

What is the delivery time for aluminum windows?

Depending on the configuration and color – the delivery time can be 1-2 months.

How are aluminum windows made?

Aluminum windows are produced by cutting aluminum profile systems into blanks of the required dimensions and joining them at the corners. Corner connection technology is very reliable.

What is better plastic windows or aluminum?

The aluminum window is more rigid and stable. This makes it possible to design large windows.

How much do aluminum windows cost?

The cost depends on the configuration and dimensions. To calculate the price of glazing – use the calculator or contact the managers.

Does the color of aluminum windows match the plastic ones?

Aluminum window-door systems are painted (choice of color according to RAL). Plastic systems are usually laminated with film. But, there are films that are very close in color to aluminum. That is, with certain combinations – you can pick up.

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