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Anti-burglary windows

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Rehau Euro-Design 70

B class | 70 mm

REHAU Euro-Design 70

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B class | 80 mm

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B class | 76 mm

SALAMANDER StreamLine 76

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Plastic windows should provide not only good thermal insulation and sound insulation, but also protect the house from unauthorized entry. Unfortunately, quite often you can hear the opinion:

“…they will climb anyway if they want to.”

Let’s just say that this is a misconception. If you equip the windows with anti-burglary solutions, it will be very difficult to get into the room, and most importantly, you definitely won’t succeed without noise. According to the statistics of security companies, it is through the windows that the lion’s share of penetrations occurs. Despite such statistics, most cottages continue to be glazed even without anti-burglary fittings. Such mistakes are unacceptable, because the difference in the price of ordinary fittings and anti-burglary is very small, and we are talking about the safety of the home and the people living in the house.

Window security classes

There are 6 classes of burglar resistance, but for residential buildings we recommend considering the 3 most optimal ones:

  • RC1: fittings have 4 anti-burglary pairs, and the double-glazed window is made using ordinary glass (4 mm).
  • RC2: all trunnions and strikers of fittings are anti-burglary, and the double-glazed window is made using safety glass (triplex). Windows of this class will resist active burglary for at least 3 minutes.
  • RC3: all trunnions and counterplates of fittings are anti-burglary, the double-glazed window is made using safety glass (triplex), the double-glazed window is glued into the frame, there is additional protection for the hinges. Windows of this class will resist at least 5 minutes of active burglary.

Active burglary – time impact on the window. That is, if the active hacking lasted 5 minutes, then the total time (including pauses) of the window resistance will be 12-15 minutes.

Equipment recommendations

The attacker’s task is to get into the room without noise, and our task is to make it impossible.

“Noise is the main fear and enemy of the intruder.”

Having chosen anti-burglary fittings, it will definitely not work to open the window in the most standard way (picking the sash). In this case, the attacker will be forced to break the double-glazed window. If we install a two-chamber double-glazed window, we will have to break three sheets of glass, of course, it will be loud and the glass break sensor will work (it must also be provided for). But, if we install triplex glass, we will have to literally cut a hole in the double-glazed window. All this will be long, loud and with great expenditure of physical energy.

Practice shows that when faced with a safe window, attackers give up trying to hack this particular object and switch to simpler tasks.

Security sensors on windows

The choice of anti-burglary windows is necessary to increase the time of resistance of the dwelling to an active attack by intruders. But, how can we prevent them from getting into the premises, and even better – detain them right at the crime scene? For such tasks, there are tamper-evident sensors, glass breaking sensors and motion sensors.

As soon as one of the sensors goes off, the security company must immediately go to the site. Experienced attackers know that they only have 7-10 minutes. If windows with a high class of burglar resistance are installed in the house, the attacker simply will not have time and it is much more profitable for him to leave the venture. If he is inexperienced and does not understand that the security company has already left, there is a chance that he will be detained on the spot.

Prices for anti-burglary windows

The cost of anti-burglary windows depends on the configuration of the windows. To understand the budget for glazing – you need to choose:

  • profile
  • double glazing
  • hardware brand
  • accessories

All this you can do in the online calculator on our website. In just a couple of minutes, you can enter parameters and compare prices for anti-burglary windows from different brands, the price of lamination and much more.

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers a wide range of leading European brands at the most affordable price.

To ensure the highest levels of protection against burglary, it is necessary to perform high-quality installation in accordance with DSTU standards. All of our window installers are trained and experienced in installing high security windows


What are burglar-proof windows?

Anti-burglary – windows equipped with anti-burglary fittings and other options that make it very difficult for unauthorized entry.

Can a burglary window be hacked?

Theoretically, absolutely everything is hacked, but anti-burglary guarantees that this will not work without noise and huge efforts.

Are anti-burglary windows more expensive than standard ones?

Yes, but the price difference is not big.

Where are security windows installed?

Cottages, apartments on the first and last floors.