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Apartment glazing

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REHAU Euro-Design 70

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Correctly choosing and installing windows in an apartment is one of the most important tasks in the repair or modernization of housing. Windows have been installed for decades and it depends on them how warm, quiet and comfortable it will be in your apartment. There are a lot of offers on the market, all of them with good advertising, but if you want to put really high-quality windows at a bargain price, you should figure out what the price consists of, what you can save on and what your new windows should definitely have.

When choosing windows for an apartment, you will need to decide on the main components:

  • profile
  • double glazing
  • fittings
  • accessories
  • installation

Many customers mistakenly believe that it is enough to choose only a good profile, but this is not entirely true.

“Profile is important, but it’s not everything.”

Which profile to choose for an apartment?

Profile (profile system) – pvc beam from which the window frame is made. Both the thermal insulation characteristics of windows and: noise insulation, rigidity of frames, durability of structures, proper operation of fittings depend on the profile.

There are dozens of brands on the market, but if you want to order really high-quality windows once and not change them every 5-10 years, we recommend choosing among the leading German brands:

  • VEKA

Each brand has its own line of systems, which are classified according to: installation depth (frame width), the number of chambers in the profile, the number of sealing circuits.

When glazing apartments, it is necessary to choose profile systems of at least 70 mm installation depth, with 5 or more air chambers.

Which double-glazed window to choose for an apartment?

Having chosen a good profile, you should also choose a good double-glazed window. It must be understood that the bulk of the heat loss of a window occurs precisely through double-glazed windows. When glazing apartments, it is important to achieve maximum thermal insulation and sound insulation of windows.

By the number of chambers, double-glazed windows are single-chamber and two-chamber. A single-chamber double-glazed window (two sheets of glass) can only be used on unheated balconies and balcony blocks (if they are on the second glazing circuit). For all living rooms – choose only two-chamber energy-saving or multifunctional double-glazed windows (energy saving and sun protection).

If the windows overlook a noisy roadway, double-glazed windows with triplex glass significantly improve the soundproofing characteristics of the windows.

What accessories to choose for the apartment?

The fittings provide comfortable interaction with the window, make it possible to ventilate the room, and are responsible for the tightness and durability of the structures. In order to avoid problems with excess moisture or lack of fresh air, order windows with several ventilation modes (standard tilt, winter ventilation, step-by-step ventilation).

The glazing of the apartments on the lower and upper floors must be secure and prevent possible penetration attempts. Anti-burglary fittings do a very good job of this task.

Modern window and door fittings make it possible to integrate windows and doors into the smart home system, and burglar alarm security sensors can be built into windows at the frame installation stage.

Prices for windows for apartments

Prices for glazing apartments depend on the cost of windows and the cost of services (measurement, delivery, dismantling, installation). In order to get the exact cost of glazing an apartment and buy windows at the best price, go to the online calculator on our website. The calculator allows you to quickly compare prices in different systems, choose a package, find out the terms and much more.

You can contact our managers, and we will help you choose the right equipment and calculate the cost of glazing.

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers windows from the best German brands at the most affordable price. Installation specialists have been trained in the training centers of PVC systems manufacturers. You have a choice of both windows and installation materials (foam, tapes, sealants).