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Balcony block

rehau euro design 60

B class | 60 mm

REHAU Euro-Design 60

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Rehau Euro-Design 70

B class | 70 mm

REHAU Euro-Design 70

salamander streamline 76

B class | 76 mm

SALAMANDER StreamLine 76

veka euroline pro 58

А класс | 58 mm

VEKA Euroline Pro 58

3 460 2 714 3 580

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A balcony block is a translucent structure made up of a window and a door that separates a room and a balcony (or loggia). Such blocks are the standard solution for most typical projects of apartment buildings, both old housing stock and new buildings. As a rule, the block consists of one door and one window to the right or left of the door (depending on the project). But, there are blocks with two windows (on the sides of the door), there are also double doors, and next to it is a window.

If the balcony is glazed, the balcony block is the second glazing circuit; if the balcony is open, the balcony block serves as the main heat-insulating barrier. Depending on the contour of the glazing, the appropriate complete set of the block is selected.

“The frequency of interaction with a balcony door is higher than the frequency of interaction with windows – this should be taken into account when completing.”

Exit to the balcony - equipment

  1. If the balcony is glazed, and the balcony block will serve as the second glazing circuit, it is allowed to choose three-chamber systems with a single-chamber double-glazed window.
  2. If the balcony is not glazed, the requirements for the configuration of the balcony block are the same as for windows (profile of at least 70 mm installation depth and two-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window).
  3. Installing a sandwich panel at the bottom of the door (instead of double-glazed windows) is an obsolete and stereotypical solution.
  4. On the reverse side of the door, it is necessary to provide a handle and a locking mechanism.
  5. Ventilate with a balcony door much more efficiently than with a window.
  6. If the balcony is not glazed – provide ventilation on the window of the balcony block, this will make it possible to install a standard window mosquito net.

Balcony block installation

Balcony doors are larger in overall dimensions, heavier and the load on the fittings is greater than in the case of a sash. According to statistics, it is the doors that account for most of the complaints related to the sagging of the sash. To avoid such problems, the block must be mounted in accordance with the requirements of DSTU and the recommendations of PVC system manufacturers. Key recommendations:

  • when measuring and designing, it is necessary to take into account the depth of the quarter, if necessary, use expanders;
  • the structure must be correctly wedged in the opening, and the number of fasteners must comply with the standard;
  • the assembly seam must be protected from steam and moisture;
  • when installing the window sill from the side of the balcony, it is necessary to take into account the further finishing of the walls.

Prices for balcony doors and blocks

The price of a balcony block depends on the overall dimensions and configuration of the structures. To calculate the total cost of glazing – take the approximate dimensions of the block, go to the online plastic windows and doors calculator on our website, select the required template and substitute your measurements.

In the calculator, you can quickly compare the prices for blocks with a riza complete set (three-chamber or five-chamber profile, single-chamber or two-chamber double-glazed window and much more).

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers to buy a balcony block with installation and quality assurance at the best price. The showroom of the company presents product samples from original German profile systems, demo boxes, lamination options and much more.


Balcony block: how to choose?

The complete set of the balcony block must be selected depending on the presence of glazing on the balcony and the orientation of the block.

Is the installation of a balcony block different from the installation of windows?

No, the requirements and norms for installing a balcony block are similar to those for installing windows.