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Exterior window sills

Window sills are indispensable elements of any facade. Materials and implementation options can be completely different, but they all perform two main functions: drainage and decor.

Modern ebbs allow you to decorate and complement the window opening. Experienced designers know the possibilities of this architectural element and know how to put it all into practice. Quite often, ebbs and slopes are made in the same concept from the same materials.

The tides must be correctly measured and installed to avoid vibrations and ensure that there is no excessive noise from the effects of precipitation.

Types of window sills

  • Plastic moldings are molded PVC profile with stiffeners and end caps. Such sills are an inexpensive solution, but have limited color choices and may lose their appearance when exposed to solar radiation.
  • Steel flashings are one of the most popular solutions for glazing apartments. Galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.4-0.45 mm can be cut into the desired shape and configuration.
  • Aluminum sills are great for cottages. Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material that does not corrode. Such ebbs emit much less noise and are visually superior to steel ebbs.
  • Stone sills are a premium solution for individual construction projects. Stone sills are very durable and have a beautiful appearance, but the cost of such a solution is much higher than that of aluminum sills.

Installation of window sills

The ebb is designed to protect the installation seam (in the lower zone of the window) from moisture ingress, water flowing through the seam into the room and protect the seam from ultraviolet radiation. All this can be ensured by installation in compliance with the technology.

The ebb should be screwed to the window sill (it should go under the window frame), and the junction must be insulated with sealant. For reliable fixation and additional thermal insulation – the ebb must be “planted” on the mounting foam.

Special plugs are put on the side ends, and the junctions with the slopes are sealed with a waterproofing bridge. The plug performs both a decorative function and protects a person in case of contact with the end of the ebb (without a plug, the end is unsafe).

Where to buy window sills?

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers a wide range of window sills, visors and flashings. In the calculator for calculating the price of ebbs, it is possible to select the necessary configuration, material and color of the reflux. All products are made to order.

Here you can order ebbs and the whole range of services for measuring, delivery and installation of products. Delivery time depends on the selected materials and colors. In the showroom of the company you can get acquainted with product samples.