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Glazing of balconies

Скління балконів

Practice shows that the balcony can be used in different ways. This small room in the apartment can be both a place for collecting junk and the brightest and most comfortable room for leisure. Glazing of balconies in Kyiv is a very popular service, because with the right implementation, the balcony can serve as a study, an extension of the kitchen, a bedroom, and even a small sports corner.

“The balcony is the most underrated place in the apartment.”

However, most balconies were designed without heating and insulation. To solve this important issue, a complex professional approach is needed, which will provide reliable waterproofing, noise insulation and heat insulation on the balcony. And of course, one of the most important stages is glazing the balcony.

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Types of balconies

  • A U-shaped balcony is a balcony with a central and two side parts connected to the front part at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • An L-shaped balcony is a balcony with a central and one side part connected to the front part at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • The loggia has only the front part, and on both sides – load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls of the house.
  • A bay window balcony is a curvilinear, most often, radially shaped balcony. A bay window balcony can consist of two or more parts that are connected to each other by special bay window connectors.
  • A French balcony is a glazing option in which the window frames are installed from the floor to the ceiling. This type of glazing is very practical and modern, as it allows the maximum amount of light to enter the room.

Balcony glazing options

Depending on the further functional use, you can choose your balcony glazing option:

  • Cold glazing of the balcony. If you just want to cover yourself from the wind and rain, while functionally the balcony will serve as a balcony in the classical sense of this concept – it is rational to glaze the Kyiv balcony precisely in the cold version. It is much cheaper at the glazing stage and does not require expensive insulation before decoration.
  • Warm balcony glazing is a balcony glazing option for those who plan to take the heating source to the balcony and use it as a living space. In this case, the requirements for thermal insulation and noise insulation of windows are very high. The profile system must meet the requirements of DSTU for residential premises, and double-glazed windows – order two-chamber energy-saving ones.

Stages of glazing balconies

In order to glaze the balcony, you will need to call a measurer to coordinate the configuration and completeness of the window frames. Having accurate overall dimensions, the manager will be able to calculate several options for glazing (different budgets).

After choosing the entire configuration, the order goes to work and will be assembled according to the order within 7-14 days (depending on the color, configuration, season, etc.)

After the frames are ready, the installation team will install the balcony within one working day. There are cases when installation is carried out within 2-3 days (portable balconies, turnkey balconies, balconies with a large area of glazing). After the frames are mounted, you can start insulation and sheathing. Glazing of a turnkey balcony can take a total of 4-5 working days (not including the window production period).

How much does it cost and how to glaze a balcony?

So how much does it cost to glaze a balcony? The cost of glazing balconies in Kyiv and the region depends on the cost of the products and the cost of the service. To calculate the preliminary cost, remove the approximate dimensions and contact our managers. You can also calculate the cost of the balcony yourself using the online calculator on the website.

Of course, the glazing budget depends on the configuration. If there will be no heating on the balcony (cold balcony), the total cost will be much lower, because in this case it is possible to use a budget three-chamber profile and a single-chamber glass unit.

The cost of a warm balcony depends on the type of balcony and its configuration. It is important to understand that in the case of a warm version, you cannot install a profile system with less than a 70 mm mounting lip, and the double-glazed unit must be two-chamber energy-saving.

What profile to choose for the balcony?

If the balcony does not change its intended purpose and remains a balcony, then an important factor when ordering windows is the price – it is rational to choose from three-chamber profile systems with an installation depth of 58-62 mm and a single-chamber double-glazed window.

If the balcony will be heated or will become an extension of the room, it is necessary to achieve maximum thermal insulation and noise insulation. In this case, choose five-chamber (or more) profile systems with two-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows (spraying on the glass and Argon gas in the chambers). This choice will turn the balcony into a full-fledged living space.

Features of the configuration

Accessories for balconies (connectors, extenders, amplifiers) are a favorite item for reducing the overall budget. But very often this leads to undesirable consequences. As it has already been mentioned several times, the windows on the balcony are in more extreme conditions than all other windows in the apartment.

In order to provide rigidity to the structure, special reinforcements with metal plates, connecting pipes and corner connectors with reinforcement should be provided in the design.

In order to make insulation, noise insulation of the walls and ceiling – provide for the use of expanders on the sides and on top of the windows (the width of the expanders is selected depending on the pie of insulation and decoration).

Features of installing windows on the balcony

Correct installation of balconies and loggias is much more difficult than room windows. This is due to the weight of the structures, the presence of corners, joints, visors, ebbs and seals. The area of the windows on the balcony is larger than the area of the windows in the rooms – the balcony is exposed to strong wind loads and precipitation. It is improper installation and faulty design that lead to leaks and blowouts. To avoid such troubles, you must follow these rules:

  • the number of fastenings must comply with the standards of DSTU;
  • constructions must be displayed clearly by level (horizontal, diagonal and vertical);
  • all joints and connections must be insulated and sealed;
  • the mounting foam on the street side must be protected from sunlight and moisture;
  • the joint of the visor and the ceiling must be sealed;
  • amplifiers must be rigidly fixed.

Realized objects

Французський балкон з панорамним вікном

Glazing of the French balcony stalinka

REHAU Euro-Design 70

Панорамні вікна Рехау від стелі до полу

Rehau panoramic windows from ceiling to floor

REHAU Euro-Design 70