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Glazing of gazebos

Складні двері

Accordion system for gazebo

REHAU Brillant-Design (70 mm)

Скління альтанки панорамними вікнами

Alcove glazing with panoramic windows

Віконні розсувні системи для будинку

Sliding windows for a summer house

REHAU Euro-Design 70

Розсувні двері Rehau на терасу

REHAU sliding doors to the terrace

REHAU Euro-Design 70

rehau brillant 01

А класс | 70 mm

REHAU Brillant-Design

rehau euro design 60

B class | 60 mm

REHAU Euro-Design 60

top sales

Rehau Euro-Design 70

B class | 70 mm

REHAU Euro-Design 70

rehau synego 01

B class | 80 mm

REHAU Synego

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For those people who really appreciate and understand the delights of country life, love family gatherings – a gazebo on the site is a must. Pavilions can be both seasonal and with the expectation of permanent (year-round) use.

“A cozy gazebo will decorate any site.”

Windows for the gazebo are selected depending on the functional purpose and the availability of the ability to heat the premises. If the gazebo is insulated and heating is provided, the windows must be with high thermal insulation.

If the gazebo is without insulation and the ability to heat the room at the time of use, light wind protection is enough. Frameless systems or lightweight frames with monoglass can be used as glazing.

Types of glazing pergolas

Depending on the design and functional purpose of the gazebo, there are two types of glazing:

  • cold glazing of arbors
  • warm glazing of arbors

As cold glazing, frameless glazing and lightweight aluminum profiles under one sheet of glass can be used. Such glazing makes it possible to close the gazebo from wind, snow and rain for the lowest possible budget.

If the gazebo is insulated and heating is provided at the time of its use, the requirements for the thermal insulation characteristics of the windows are the same as in the case of the glazing of the main house. Most often, plastic windows are chosen for insulated gazebos. Reasonable price and the possibility of lamination renews to satisfy any request.

Sash opening option

The gazebo room has a limited area, which means that not every option for opening the sashes will be convenient to use. Casements (opening parts) of windows in the gazebo can be:

  • swing-out
  • folding (accordion)
  • sliding
  • sliding
  • portal

Most gazebo owners prefer sliding or sliding systems. Such solutions allow you to achieve large light openings, and in the summer – the maximum amount of fresh air entering the room.

Accessories are selected depending on the design of the gazebo, the size of the window openings and the budget of the project. When designing, it is worth considering the limitations and allowable overall dimensions for different types of sashes.

What windows to choose for a warm gazebo?

For glazing an insulated gazebo with the possibility of partial or full heating, windows made of plastic or aluminum systems are an excellent solution. Aluminum windows are significantly more expensive, they are used for large openings with sliding sashes and in all cases where plastic windows are not suitable due to restrictions.

If the window openings allow the use of the usual plastic frames for glazing the gazebo, this is the solution that will be optimal in terms of price / quality ratio. PVC profile can be either white or laminated, painted, and double-glazed windows – with various decors. Such opportunities allow you to build a gazebo in any style and make it a real decoration of the site.

Prices for glazing gazebos

In order to calculate the price of windows for gazebos, go to the online calculator on our website. The online service makes it possible to calculate the exact cost of windows in a matter of minutes. The calculator has tips to help design a warranty frame and a double-glazed window. You can independently compare prices for different brands, colors of lamination and types of opening.

If you need help with the design and calculation of gazebo glazing, please contact our managers. We will select the right option for your requirements and budget.

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” provides a full range of services for the design, measurement and installation of windows for gazebos in Kyiv and the region. Here you can buy windows from the best European manufacturers at the best price.