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Glazing of industrial buildings

kbe 70

B class | 70 mm

KBE 70

rehau euro design 60

B class | 60 mm

REHAU Euro-Design 60

salamander streamline 76

B class | 76 mm

SALAMANDER StreamLine 76

veka euroline pro 58

А класс | 58 mm

VEKA Euroline Pro 58

3 460 2 714 3 580

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Windows for industrial buildings and structures are distinguished by their specificity, features and difficulties of choice that you do not have to face with civil glazing. Plants, factories and warehouses have large overall dimensions both in terms of the building site and the glazing area. A large glazing area requires a very competent approach to heat loss, and the budget greatly depends on the correct configuration.

In turn, the design and installation of windows in industrial buildings is also characterized by increased complexity (compared to civil and individual construction).

The complexity is associated with the need to find facade solutions to ensure the rigidity of structures and installation conditions (the need to involve special equipment).

Which windows to choose for industrial buildings?

As a rule, when glazing industrial facilities, the priority is the budget. If the room is partially heated or heating is not provided, the choice is made in favor of inexpensive three-chamber plastic systems with single-chamber double-glazed windows or monoglass. Quite often, lightweight cold aluminum systems can also be found at such facilities. This solution is especially well suited for view facades.

If the room is fully heated and the requirements for energy-saving properties of the window are high, five-chamber systems with an installation depth of 70 mm and two-chamber energy-efficient double-glazed windows would be a suitable option.

Well, if your company operates according to European energy efficiency standards and the building is well insulated, plastic windows with a frame of 80 mm or more will achieve maximum thermal insulation performance.

Features of glazing industrial premises

Windows in industrial premises should provide not only good thermal insulation, but also provide an opportunity to receive more natural light for the normal functioning of the enterprise and save on lighting. The main nuances that you should pay attention to when designing and selecting equipment:

  • wind loads
  • the need to use facade amplifiers
  • linear expansion compensators for colored windows
  • thickness of glass in double-glazed windows
  • possibility of ventilation at height
  • the possibility of washing windows
  • the possibility of replacing double-glazed windows if necessary
  • solar control of double-glazed windows
  • fire safety requirements for windows
  • noise insulation of windows
  • the possibility of modernizing the facade

Prices for glazing industrial premises

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers a full range of services for the design and installation of windows for industrial premises. To find out the price of windows, go to the online calculator on our website and you can get prices and terms for your designs in a matter of minutes.

If the project is complex, requires prior consultation with a specialist – contact our managers, we will help with the design, assembly and budgeting.

Also, you can invite us to take part in the tender for the glazing of your facility. To do this, you need to send a request by e-mail and using instant messengers.

To perform installation work at industrial facilities, we have both extensive experience and everything necessary to ensure the planned deadlines for the completion of work.