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Mosquito nets

антимоскітна сітка

Mosquito nets on windows and doors are an almost imperceptible device that we remember only if they are not available. Nets protect your home very well from annoying insects and are an inexpensive but very effective means of protection.

Modern systems allow you to make a grid on any window or door, choose the color and design of the frame, the density and material of the canvas, the size of the cell, and much more.

“Forgot to buy a mosquito net – mosquitoes will remind you.”

Grids are made to order, you can measure and install the grid yourself – it’s very simple and fast.

A high-quality mosquito net will last a very long time, and with the right choice of profile and color, it will be invisible even on laminated windows.

Types of mosquito nets

Depending on the type of frame, canvas and fastening, meshes can perform different functions. The main types of networks are:

  1. standard anti-mosquito net (everyone is familiar with the frame and clips)
  2. sliding mosquito net (with the possibility of opening the opening by moving the canvas)
  3. roller shutter system (with the possibility of opening the opening by folding the canvas)
  4. folding system (with the possibility of opening the opening by folding the canvas)
  5. anti-cat (the canvas can withstand pets)
  6. anti-allergenic (retains dust and allergens)

Most customers choose the standard mesh option, but don’t forget that the functions, design and mesh type can be combined to get a product that suits your needs.

Mosquito nets for windows and doors

Mosquito nets for windows are made of an aluminum frame and canvas, which is set into a special groove and clamped with a sealing harness. The design is attached to the window frame with special clamping elements. The installation process is quite simple and takes only a couple of minutes. The fastening allows you to remove the mesh for washing or storage in the winter.

Door mosquito nets can be hinged, magnetic type (swing) and sliding. Most often, the nets on the door are made on hinges. The grid opens mirror of the door itself and is equipped with handles for ease of use.

Door mosquito nets can also be equipped with a special opening for the free passage of pets.

Price for mosquito nets

The cost of a mosquito net depends on the overall dimensions of the product, the type of profile, the type of fabric, color and components. The price for a different type of grid can be calculated simply by substituting the width and height into the required template on our website.

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers the widest range of window and door mosquito nets at a bargain price. In the showroom of the company, samples are presented and there is a possibility to choose a grid according to design and functions.

We provide a full range of services for measuring, manufacturing, delivery and installation of all types of mosquito nets.

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