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Plastic doors

Вхідні двері для будинку антрацит 7016

REHAU entrance doors for a private house

REHAU Euro-Design 70

Вхідні двері ВЕКА ламінація антрацит 7016

Entrance doors VEKA lamination anthracite

VEKA Softline 82 (6 cameras)

Metal-plastic doors are widely used in individual cottage construction, offices and commercial premises.

PVC door systems are distinguished by excellent indicators of protection against burglary, high thermal insulation and sound insulation. Door systems complement the design of any room well, especially when choosing laminated solutions. A wide selection of colors and decors allows you to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Depending on the profile system, configuration and field of application, all pvc doors can be divided (conditionally) into: entrance doors, office doors,. interior doors and balcony doors.

Manufacturers of door profiles provide a large catalog of components for all these types of doors. It is possible to choose not only the profile of the frame and sash, but also thresholds, HPL door panels, aluminum overlays, etc.

Entrance plastic doors - advantages:

  • modern design and elegant appearance make it possible to easily fit the product into interior and exterior design
    excellent thermal insulation and noise insulation performance ensure warmth and silence in the room, absence of cold bridges and freezing of thresholds.
  • ease and convenience of operation, a reliable reinforced locking system guarantees high indicators of protection against burglary
  • PVC doors are very durable and practical products.
  • relatively affordable price
  • a huge selection of door fittings from various brands
  • different variants of locks and locking mechanisms
  • it is possible to automate access control systems
  • doors made of plastic profile systems are easy to install and adjust

Plastic door prices

If you decide to order plastic doors, most likely, you will have to face completely different prices. This is not surprising, because doors can be of different configuration, appearance and different classes of anti-burglary resistance.

In order to buy a door at the best price, you need to decide on the type of door and its functions. You can often find that an expensive security door is mistakenly placed from the garage into the house, and as the main entrance to the house, a profile for an interior door was used, and also with a single-point lock. To avoid such misunderstandings, tell the seller:

  1. where the door will be and whether it will be the first barrier
  2. what are the security requirements
  3. what will be the throughput load
  4. how would you like it to look

Knowing all this, you will be able to choose the door of the required configuration and price.

Where to buy entrance doors in Kyiv?

TM “Nimetsky vikna” offers doors from high-quality door systems of the German brands REHAU, SALAMANDER, VEKA. In our salon, you can view samples of entrance doors with double-glazed windows, HPL panels, balcony doors, office and interior type. All products are covered by a warranty.

Only high-quality installation of doors can guarantee their durability and reliable operation of mechanisms. Our installation crews are trained and certified in training centers of manufacturers of specialized systems.

In order to choose the equipment and configuration, contact the company’s managers, we will always help you choose the door that is optimal for you in terms of equipment and budget.


How much do plastic doors cost?

The cost depends on the type of door, configuration and overall dimensions. To calculate the cost, go to the online door calculator.

Is a plastic door easy to crack?

Anti-burglary of entrance plastic doors can meet the highest requirements (with the necessary equipment for this).

Are the door sizes standard or custom?

Doors are custom made.

Can a plastic door be with two locks?

Yes, there is such a possibility.