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067 123 7755

067 123 7755

REHAU windows

REHAU Euro-Design 60 (3 cameras)

(690 ratings, average: 4.9 from 5)

REHAU Euro-Design 60 specifications

System class
B class
Outer side thickness
2,8 mm
Number of cells frame/casement
3/3 pcs.
Mounting depth
60 mm
Heat transfer resistance
0,65 m² · С/W
Number of seals
2 pcs.
Sealant color
Glass depth
24, 32 mm
Surface lamination
Maximum sash weight
Maximum sash size
Additional properties


Can REHAU Euro Design 60 windows be painted?

Yes, the profile surface is designed for both lamination and painting.

Blueprint REHAU Euro-Design 60

  • The system has a U-shaped reinforcement in the frame (lower part) and a L-shaped reinforcement in the sash (upper part)
  • The cap has a rectangular shape with a beveled top for double-glazed windows 24 and 32 mm
rehau euro 60 чертеж


  • For glazing 24 mm
    rehau euro 60 штапик
  • For glazing 32 mm
    rehau euro 60 32 штапик

Country of Origin

It is made in Shram (Poland) and in Wittmund (Germany)

Physical properties

  • RAU-PVC, special for outdoor use, according to ISO 1163 – PVC-U, EDLP (082-25-28) or EN 12608, the formulation without cadmium additives.

Where to use

  • Cold rooms
  • small architectural forms, garages
  • Household buildings

Similar systems

veka euroline pro 58

А класс | 58 mm

VEKA Euroline Pro 58

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Features of plastic windows REHAU Euro Design 60

The Rehau Euro Design 60 profile system, which has been at a high level for several decades, is great for glazing on a limited budget. The three-chamber system no longer meets the standards for glazing residential heated premises, but for balconies, balcony blocks, outbuildings – it is an excellent choice.

The Rehau brand gives maximum quality even in the budget three-chamber series. The profile system allows the use of single-chamber and double-glazed windows with a depth of up to 32 mm.

The possibilities in lamination and decoration of the system are almost the same as in the more expensive solutions of the German concern.


“The three-chamber system from REHAU has had and will have a place in the market.”


Benefits of Euro Design 60

  • excellent value for money and quality
  • ideal profile surface
  • huge possibilities in decoration and design
  • the possibility of installing a two-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window
  • available accessories
  • large catalog of solutions

The main advantages of Euro 60 are related to the scope of the system. When glazing balconies and loggias, there is a need to use connectors, amplifiers, expanders, bay windows and many other items. All this is in a three-chamber system at a very affordable price.

The 60 mm system does not differ in color from more expensive solutions and is well suited for apartment glazing in combination with a five-chamber (and higher) profile.