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Replacement of double-glazed windows in Kyiv

заміна склопакета

Double-glazed windows occupy most of the window area and are responsible for thermal insulation and sound insulation in the room. If for some reason there was a depressurization or destruction, it is necessary to replace the double-glazed windows.
Is it possible to replace broken glass in an insulating glass unit? Theoretically, it is possible to replace an lint sheet of glass, but this type of repair is not economically feasible (due to the technological features of production) and, as a result, replacing one glass in an insulating glass unit will be even more expensive due to transportation and production costs.
The cost of services in the city of Kyiv:

  • measurement – 300 UAH;
  • delivery of double-glazed windows – 300 UAH;
  • replacement of one double-glazed window – 200 UAH.

The cost of products depends on the dimensions and formula, you can easily and quickly calculate the cost of any type of double-glazed windows (in the online calculator).
If it is necessary to replace glass in double-glazed windows, the price is calculated individually.

Replacing double-glazed windows in plastic windows: reasons

Replacing glass in a double-glazed window or a complete replacement of a double-glazed window Kyiv is needed when cracks have formed on the glass or depressurization has occurred. As the main reasons, it is worth noting: thermal shock, manufacturing defects in the form of chips (under the glazing bead), incorrect installation of linings, incorrect ratio of the dimensions of the frame, sash or the double-glazed window itself.

“Whatever the reason, the double-glazed window will have to be replaced.”

Replacing glass in a plastic window: double-glazed windows can burst both immediately after installation (it can also happen during installation), and after years of normal operation. It often happens that it is not possible to establish a 100% cause (or there may be several), but unfortunately, this problem is very common.

How much does it cost to replace double-glazed windows in Kyiv?

If you need to replace a double-glazed window, the price will depend on the area and formula of the product, the cost of delivery and the cost of services. For example, replacing a double-glazed window in a door will cost a little more than replacing a double-glazed window in a plastic window (due to area and weight). In order to find out the exact cost of a double-glazed window and services, measure the double-glazed window and go to the double-glazed window calculation calculator on our website.
The cost of services depends on the weight and number of double-glazed windows. You can replace it yourself if you have the necessary tools. Replacement instructions come with the product. Subject to the technology and recommendations, the replacement process does not require special skills and experience.

How is the replacement of double-glazed windows in windows?

The process of replacing the package is not complicated and occurs without noise and dust. The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. measurement of double-glazed windows (20-30 minutes for one design);
  2. production of products of the required dimensions and formula (2-14 days depending on the formula);
  3. delivery and replacement of double-glazed windows (30-40 minutes for one design).

Can you replace it yourself? Yes, there is nothing complicated about this, but you need to have a handy tool for removing and driving in glazing beads. A new product must be put on linings according to technology.
If the products are very large or located in hard-to-reach places, it is necessary to involve additional human resources or special equipment. During installation, it is important not to repeat the mistakes that could cause replacement.

Replacement of double-glazed windows with energy-saving ones

An urgent issue is the replacement of double-glazed windows with energy-saving ones. Modern technologies can significantly improve the performance of thermal insulation and sound insulation of windows without a complete replacement of frames.
To improve energy efficiency, it is rational to replace single-chamber double-glazed windows with double-glazed windows. If for this there is a need to replace the glazing bead – this is not difficult.
Do not forget that modern glass can be not only energy-saving, but also sun-protective.
To select the type of glass, our managers will acquaint you with all the possibilities and assortment, and if necessary, they will conduct an energy audit.
Modern technologies help to save on heating and air conditioning, and with the right approach, the costs turn into investments.


How to determine the width of a double-glazed window?

To determine the width of a double-glazed window, it is necessary to remove the glazing bead and measure from the outer plane to the inner.

How long does the replacement process take?

It takes 30-40 minutes for one double-glazed window.

How to measure glass?

Measure the distance from the groove to the groove of the bead (the groove is the junction of the bead to the frame) and subtract 5 mm on each side (to put on linings).