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067 123 7755


SALAMANDER StreamLine 76 (5 cameras)

(479 ratings, average: 4.7 from 5)

SALAMANDER StreamLine 76 specifications

System class
B class
Outer side thickness
2,8 mm
Number of cells frame/casement
5 pcs.
Mounting depth
76 mm
Heat transfer resistance
0,77 m² · С/W
Number of seals
2 pcs.
Sealant color
Glass depth
40, 48 mm
Surface lamination
Maximum sash weight
Maximum sash size
Additional properties

Blueprint SALAMANDER StreamLine 76

  • The system has a U-shaped reinforcement in the frame and sash
  • The cap has a rectangular shape with a beveled upper part for 32, 40 and 48 mm glazing and round for 32 mm glazing.
чертеж salamander streamline 76


  • For glazing 32 mm
    salamander streamline 76 штапик
  • For glazing 32 mm
    salamander streamline 76 штапик
  • For glazing 40 mm
    salamander streamline 76 штапик
  • For glazing 48 mm
    salamander streamline 76 штапик

Country of Origin

“SALAMANDER INDUSTRY PRODUCT GMBH”, Jakob-Siegle-Strasse 58, 86842 Türkheim / Unterallgoy, Germany

Physical properties

  • Anti-burglary characteristics comply with DIN V ENV 1627 (European standards for facades, windows and doors, which regulate: requirements and classification, resistance to static and dynamic loads, manual penetration attempts). Depending on the hardware, the level of anti-burglary is up to WK2.

  • Sound insulation according to DIN 4109: 1989-11 (Sound insulation in construction. Part 11. Sound insulation testing. Conducting quality and serviceability tests), up to 46 dB (A)

  • Sealing systems made of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Rubber).

Where to use

  • Heated rooms
  • Warm Sliding Systems
  • Living spaces
  • Entrance doors

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