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Sliding doors

Москітні сітки пліссе

Sliding door systems are very popular in individual cottage construction. The demand for such solutions is growing every year, and this is not strange – sliding structures are convenient, stylish and practical.

Sliding doors allow you to make large light openings, launch the maximum amount of light and fresh air into the room.

Depending on the overall dimensions, requirements for thermal insulation and budget – the doors can be implemented both from plastic systems and from aluminum profiles.

Sliding door structures belong to the expensive segment of the market and in order not to overpay, you should familiarize yourself with the hardware options.

“Panoramic sliding systems unite space”, – Valentin Mishchenko, architect.

Sliding door types

Sliding door fittings can be of several types, and the overall budget is highly dependent on this choice. The main options for implementing the operation of door mechanisms:

  • tilt-sliding doors
  • parallel sliding doors
  • lifting and sliding portals

Depending on where the doors will stand and what functions to perform, the necessary option is selected. Each of the options can be equipped with a double-sided handle, lock, aluminum threshold or aluminum escutcheon.

Lightweight aluminum doors can also be of a sliding type, but they are cold glazing and are not suitable for heated rooms.

Door systems (as well as window systems) can be laminated, painted and aluminum overlays.

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Sliding door design features

Sliding type doors are structures with increased requirements for proper design and configuration. Hardware mechanisms have a number of restrictions on the dimensions and weight of structures.

For the correct operation of the mechanisms – when designing, it is necessary to take into account:

  • sash height restrictions
  • sash width restrictions
  • ratio of width to height
  • linear expansion of structures
  • ensuring the rigidity of the frames
  • the weight of double-glazed windows and the total load on fittings
  • technology of wedging and fastening in the opening
  • clean floor level

Subject to proper design and installation of structures, sliding doors will be reliable and durable products. All systems are covered by a warranty.

Price for sliding doors

The cost of sliding structures depends on a number of factors. To calculate the exact price of doors – please contact our managers. We will help you choose the right system that meets your requirements and budget.

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers products of leading European brands at the best price. The online window calculator has the ability to calculate prices for doors of different brands and types of opening.

In the salon of the company, all popular options for sliding doors are presented, it is possible to visually see everything and test it in operation. We have doors of any color, shape and design.

All installers are trained in the training centers of manufacturers of plastic and aluminum systems for windows and doors.


Which is better: plastic or aluminum sliding doors?

It all depends on the budget and overall dimensions. Plastic ones are cheaper, and aluminum systems have more options.

Are sliding systems durable?

Yes, with proper installation and operation – the design will last for decades.

Are sliding doors more expensive than standard doors?

Yes, sliding fittings are more expensive than standard ones.

Can sliding doors be locked?

Yes, there is such a possibility.

Sliding door tightness?

Tightness, thermal insulation and noise insulation are not inferior to standard solutions.

Are there mosquito nets for sliding doors?

Yes, both sliding mesh and pleated mesh can be placed on the sliding door.