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Sliding windows

veka softline 70

Replacing windows in the apartment with energy-saving ones

VEKA Softline 82 (6 cameras)


Sliding system VEKASLIDE 82 spectral

VEKA Softline 82 (6 cameras)

Віконні розсувні системи для будинку

Sliding windows for a summer house

REHAU Euro-Design 70

Розсувні двері Rehau на терасу

REHAU sliding doors to the terrace

REHAU Euro-Design 70

A sliding window was once a great wonder, but today it is a solution that is rapidly gaining popularity. This type of opening has always been very popular in the west, and in our market, despite the cost, there is a constant increase in demand.

The main disadvantage of these windows is that the prices for sliding windows are much more expensive than for the classic tear-off option, and in everything else – the same advantages.

Sliding window systems are available in various versions: warm metal-plastic windows, warm aluminum systems, cold aluminum systems, frameless (cold) glazing.

Depending on the opening, the configuration of sliding structures can be completely different.

Possibilities in lamination and decoration of a sliding window do not differ from standard products.

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Selection of sliding windows

Sliding window systems can perform various tasks, and prices, depending on the configuration of the sliding window, can differ many times. In order to correctly order a sliding window and not overpay, it is necessary to decide on the functions that rely on the structure.

If the window will be in a heated room and it should provide maximum thermal insulation and noise insulation performance, tilting-sliding hardware in combination with a warm PVC or aluminum profile is perfect.

If the task is only to be closed from wind and precipitation when glazing terraces, gazebos, balconies – consider inexpensive options for cold sliding systems. Such solutions make it possible to choose simplified accessories, which greatly reduces the budget.

Advantages of sliding windows and doors

  • Sliding systems are very practical. You save a lot of useful space, which does not need to be left under the radius of a classic rotary sash.
  • Good sliding systems are very convenient to use. The sash works easily and without any extra effort.
  • It is possible to make large sashes and maximize the clear light opening.
  • Sliding systems emphasize the excellent taste of the owners and complement the modern design.
  • Modern sliding systems have the highest thermal insulation performance.
  • The sound insulation of sliding windows is equal to the classic tilt-and-turn.
  • Original German sliding windows and doors are very durable.
  • Anti-burglary characteristics of sliding systems are not inferior to classic analogues.

Where to buy sliding windows in Kyiv?

TM “Nimetsky vikna” offers sliding windows at the best price and with a guarantee for all products. Systems of famous German brands REHAU, VEKA and SALAMANDER, as well as world leaders in the production of aluminum systems AlUPROF, REYNAERS, Schüco – will not leave you indifferent.

Samples of finished products, lamination colors, components and all variants of sliding accessories are presented in the salon.

In order to ensure the reliability and durability of sliding mechanisms, it is necessary to carry out the installation in strict accordance with the technology. Our experienced installation crews have all the knowledge and skills to guarantee quality.

We provide a full range of services from measurement and design to servicing of sliding windows and doors.


Are sliding windows more expensive than standard ones?

Yes, sliding systems are much more expensive than classic tilt-and-turn fittings.

Do sliding windows have ventilation mode?

Yes, all systems are equipped with standard and winter ventilation modes.