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Soundproof windows

rehau geneo 01

А класс | 86 mm


rehau synego 01

B class | 80 mm

REHAU Synego

salamander bluevolution 82

B class | 82 mm

SALAMANDER BlueEvolution 82

veka softline 82

А класс | 82 mm

VEKA Softline 82

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For owners of apartments and houses located on busy, noisy streets, the issue of soundproofing windows is a priority when choosing. Indeed, not always the standard soundproofing of windows will be enough.

“Silence is one of the main conditions of comfort.”

Speaking about soundproofing, it is worth noting that silence can only be achieved with the help of a set of measures. We are talking about windows, installation, slopes, and sometimes even walls. But, as a rule, by installing good soundproof windows and making slopes correctly, peace and quiet will reign in the house.

In order to achieve improved performance, it is necessary to choose the right window package (profile, double-glazed window, fittings) and ensure the correct insulation of the mounting seam.

Increased window soundproofing

To achieve maximum sound insulation performance, the window must be completed according to the following recommendations:

  • profile 80 mm (or more) with three sealing circuits
  • two-chamber double-glazed window, with 6 mm glass (and more) or triplex glass (3.1.3 and more)
  • quality seal
  • fittings with hidden hinges and the ability to adjust the pressure

Sound is a wave, and the wave will find a way to get into the room if there is at least one weak link in its path. It is for this reason that it is important not only to choose a good expensive double-glazed window, but also a profile with three contours of high-quality seals and even special fittings (on hidden hinges).

If there is noise outside the window around the clock, it is worth considering alternative sources of fresh air.

Installation and soundproofing of windows

Often you can find a mistake: good windows with increased sound insulation are selected and installed, and the assembly seam is implemented using ordinary foam without any insulation. The foam itself has very low sound insulation performance, and if there is only a thin layer of plaster on top of it, the result will be much worse than the characteristics of the windows allow.

To achieve the best result, it is recommended to use a special noise-absorbing mounting foam. After the joint has dried, it is necessary to seal the joint (on both sides) with acoustic sealant. And only after that it is possible to restore the slopes.

When the whole complex is completed, the room will become unprecedentedly quiet and you will be very pleasantly surprised by the end result.

Soundproof windows prices

To calculate the price of windows with increased sound insulation, go to the online calculator on our website. You can enter the dimensions yourself, choose the package according to the recommendations and get the exact cost of the window in a matter of minutes.

If you need help in choosing and calculating the price, please contact our managers. TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers to buy windows from leading European brands at the best price.

In the salon there is an opportunity to see product samples and listen to how noise-absorbing double-glazed windows work at a special stand.

In the catalog of double-glazed windows on our website, you can compare the characteristics of different double-glazed windows and choose the right one for you.

Contact us, we know exactly how to achieve peace and comfort.