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Sun protection windows

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REHAU Euro-Design 70

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Modern double-glazed windows make it possible to satisfy any consumer request. But, not everyone knows that windows can be not only energy-saving, but also sun-protective. If double-glazed windows combine both functions, they are usually called multifunctional.

“Sunshine is necessary, but it’s good when everything is in moderation”, – Oksana Miroshnik, designer.

Multifunctional double-glazed windows have in their composition the outer glass designed to protect against excess solar radiation, and the inner one – to keep the heat in the room. In this case, the middle sheet of glass must be neutral (to avoid thermal shock). The inert gas Argon is pumped into both chambers of the double-glazed window.

The effect of solar windows is very noticeable and the difference is felt immediately after installation.

Windows with sun protection - area of application

Multifunctional double-glazed windows surpass even standard energy-saving ones in their performance, but it is undesirable to use them in all rooms. Windows with solar protection let in not only less heat, but also less light. If you install such windows on the north side, the room may be darker than you are used to.

Do not confuse tinting and sun protection. Tinted double-glazed windows do not protect against excess solar radiation, but simply let in less light. In turn, multifunctional double-glazed windows practically do not differ visually from standard ones. The sunscreen coating on the surface slightly mirrors, but does not tint the double-glazed window.

If the windows are large and face south, order windows with multifunctional double-glazed windows and you will definitely be satisfied with your choice.

Which package to choose

To achieve high levels of protection from solar radiation – aspen is the choice of double-glazed windows. However, the window must be airtight and it is important to take care of the following:

  • double-glazed window with sun protection and Argon gas in the chambers
  • profile not less than 70 mm mounting depth
  • reliable fittings with good pressure
  • high quality seals
  • installation according to DSTU standards

All the world’s leading glass manufacturers have a range of glass with increased reflection of sunlight. Their names are different, but the principle of operation and indicators are almost the same.

In the catalog of double-glazed windows you can compare the performance of different double-glazed windows and choose the formula according to the conditions of use.

Prices for sun windows

The cost of windows with sun protection depends on the overall dimensions of the structures and the choice of components. Take the approximate dimensions of your window and go to the online calculator on our website. Enter the window sizes in the appropriate fields and in a matter of minutes you will be able to find out the cost of your window, compare prices from different brands, find out delivery times and much more.

In our salon there is a demo box that imitates solar radiation and gives you the opportunity to feel the operation of sun windows tactilely.

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers products of the best European factories at the best price. Contact our managers – we will help you choose the package and tell you how you can save.