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Profile systems catalog

Profile systems catalog

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    kbe 70

    B class | 70 mm

    KBE 70

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    B class | 88 mm

    Kömmerling 88

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    rehau brillant 01

    А класс | 70 mm

    REHAU Brillant-Design

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    rehau euro design 60

    B class | 60 mm

    REHAU Euro-Design 60

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    top sales

    Rehau Euro-Design 70

    B class | 70 mm

    REHAU Euro-Design 70

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    rehau geneo 01

    А класс | 86 mm

    REHAU Geneo

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    rehau synego 01

    B class | 80 mm

    REHAU Synego

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    salamander bluevolution 82

    B class | 82 mm

    SALAMANDER BlueEvolution 82

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    salamander bluevolution 92

    А класс | 92 mm

    SALAMANDER BlueEvolution 92

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    salamander streamline 76

    B class | 76 mm

    SALAMANDER StreamLine 76

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    veka euroline pro 58

    А класс | 58 mm

    VEKA Euroline Pro 58

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    veka softline 70

    А класс | 70 mm

    VEKA Softline 70

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    veka softline 82

    А класс | 82 mm

    VEKA Softline 82

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    Number of cameras

    Mounting depth

    Number of seals

    Glass depth

    Construction type

    Heat transfer resistance

    0,65 - 1,1 W/m² · С

    Comparison of profile systems

    German profile systems REHAU, VEKA, SALAMANDER, Kömmerling, KBE are the best European products for the production of plastic windows and doors. These are eminent brands with a huge history, an excellent reputation and a strong scientific base.

    The product catalogs of these brands include hundreds and even thousands of solutions for the production of high-quality products.

    “German engineering is traditionally the leader in Europe.”

    It so happened historically that REHAU profile systems are more popular in Ukraine, VEKA profile systems are more popular in Germany, Poles love KBE profile systems, etc. All markets are different, the conditions for the formation of offers, purchasing power, climate and many other factors affect the position of a particular brand in a country or a certain region of the world.

    Profile system – quality characteristics

    The profile is the basis for the future window frame. The frame must bear all the loads, it is the quality of the profile that determines:

    • durability of windows
    • indicators of thermal insulation
    • sound insulation indicators
    • tightness of structures

    It is difficult to overestimate the role of a profile in a modern window. In many markets, including Ukraine, the profile system brand is associated with the final product.

    As the main qualitative characteristics of the profile, it is worth highlighting: the installation depth, the number of chambers, the wall thickness, the number of seal contours. Of course, the very quality of raw materials is also extremely important, but all German manufacturers work on the basis of the best PVC raw materials and it is difficult to single out someone. Also, do not forget that each brand has a number of offers of different price segments.

    What is the difference between profile systems?

    The window profile is a 6 meter PVC beam that will be cut into pieces and welded at the corners to form a window frame. The systems do not differ in their functional purposes, but in the details everything is quite the opposite. Systems may vary:

    • quality pvc raw materials
    • technical solutions and profile geometry
    • wall thickness
    • quality and quantity of sealing circuits
    • color and surface quality

    In turn, the indicators of thermal insulation, sound insulation, burglary resistance and durability of windows depend on all of the above. Unlike fittings and double-glazed windows, which can be replaced during operation, window frame replacement leads to a complete replacement of windows with all the consequences (destruction of slopes, high costs, and much more).

    Window profile systems – what to choose?

    German profile window systems are an excellent choice, but which brand is better? Many professionals believe that the VEKA profile system is the most thoughtful in terms of geometry, but, for example, the REHAU GENEO system is the only reinforced one in the mass (the most rigid), and SALAMANDER Streamline is ahead in terms of price / quality ratio.

    “Budget and tasks determine the choice”

    To make the right choice, first find an offer that suits your needs and budget. Most likely, the choice will be reduced to two or three sentences. Next, pay attention to the design and color. Appearance can also be completely different. And do not forget that each manufacturer has its own unique lamination colors and decors. Very often, it is the specific unique color of the lamination that can determine the choice of profile.