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Before making purchases, receiving information and simply using the website, we recommend that you read the terms of the user agreement presented on this page. If there is something that does not suit you as a user or client, please do not leave your data and do not make purchases.

1. Use of the trademark TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA”
1.1. Trademark TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” is officially registered and protected by the law of Ukraine.
1.2. The owner of the trademark rights prohibits unauthorized use of the trademark on resources not associated with him. Violation of this paragraph is punishable by law, the rights of the trademark owner are protected by law.

2. Rules for using the Internet resource nimetski–
2.1. The Internet site (hereinafter referred to as the Site, the Resource) gives permission to all Users to use the Resource only for personal purposes. This should not violate copyrights and intellectual property rights.
2.2. The use of the content of the Site (in all formats) and the trademark “NIMETSKI VIKNA” on other sites and printed publications is strictly prohibited.

3. The procedure for using the User’s data
3.1. When filling out the registration forms and forms allowing to make a purchase, the User gives permission for the processing, temporary storage and use of his personal data (telephone, mail, full name, delivery address) in order to be able to make a purchase and deliver the goods.
3.2. The resource guarantees the use of the User’s data in strict accordance with the laws of Ukraine.
3.3. All those who have the opportunity to interact with the data left by the User are under personalized responsibility provided for by the legislation of Ukraine in the field of personal data protection.
3.4. Access cannot be granted to third parties if this leads to a violation of the laws of Ukraine.
3.5. The Resource has technologies (storing cookies) that allow you to collect and store data when using the Site. This data can be used to show the User advertising materials on other sites on the Internet.

4. Feedback
4.1. To contact the administration of the Resource, use the special forms on the Resource.
4.2. The user can leave a review subject to its objectivity, the absence of slander, insults and other violations of the laws of Ukraine.
4.3. The resource is not responsible for illegal information or data left by the User.
4.4. Any message from the User is allowed to be removed from the Site without prior notice.
4.5. Reviews that do not correspond to reality, without a description of the personal experience of the order by the User and without confirmation of the fact of such an order, are acceptable for deletion by the Site administrator.

5. Disclaimer
5.1. All content on the Resource is presented without confirmations and warranties. The resource does not guarantee or assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
5.2. The resource reserves the right to change any type of information on the pages of this resource. Prices, order and conditions of the order may be subject to correction at the discretion of the Site administration.