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Terrace glazing

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A good country house is hard to imagine without a spacious bright terrace. Very often they are planned open, and already in the process of operation there is a need for glazing. For our climatic zone, it is more rational to opt for glazed terraces.

Terrace glazing makes it possible to use it all year round, and with the right configuration and type of glazing, windows will not interfere in the summer.

Terraces are distinguished by a large glass area, for this reason it is important to choose exactly what is needed and not go beyond the expected budget.

For the correct selection of windows for the terrace, it is necessary to decide how the terrace will be used and whether it will be heated in winter.

“Terrace is the brightest and most comfortable room in the house”, – Valentin Mishchenko, architect.

Terrace glazing options

Depending on the functional purpose and the presence of heating on the terrace, there are two main options for glazing terraces:

  • cold glazing
  • warm glazing

If heating is not planned on the terrace, it is rational to choose the option of cold glazing. Such a solution will make it possible to close the terrace from wind, snow and precipitation for the lowest possible budget. Cold glazing can be implemented both from aluminum profiles and from plastic window systems.

If the terrace will be fully heated, and you plan to use it all year round, only the option of warm glazing will do. Moreover, given the large area of windows on the terrace, it is necessary to achieve maximum thermal insulation performance. This will make it possible to save on heating.


What windows to put on a warm terrace?

Plastic window systems are excellent for glazing warm terraces. Of course, if the budget does not matter, aluminum systems can also be considered, but the vast majority of country house owners prefer plastic windows.

Windows on a warm terrace should have the same characteristics as windows in a house:

  • the profile system must be at least 70 mm of installation depth and have at least five chambers in the frame section
  • double-glazed windows with energy-saving glass and Argon gas in the chambers
  • anti-burglary fittings

In order to avoid condensation on double-glazed windows, provide a heating source under the windows and air circulation in the room.

Terrace glazing price

The cost of terrace glazing depends on the type of glazing, configuration and configuration of structures. To calculate the total budget, it is necessary to design frames, decide on opening sashes, reinforcing elements, window color, fittings and accessories.

In order to avoid mistakes in designing and calculate the exact cost, please contact our managers.

In the online calculator on our website, it is possible to calculate the price of windows depending on the brand, color, type of opening and configuration. The online service also makes it possible to independently design frames of the correct shape and allowable overall dimensions.

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” provides a full range of services for the design and installation of windows on the terrace.