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067 123 7755

Windows VEKA

VEKA Softline 82 (6 cameras)

(440 ratings, average: 4.7 from 5)

VEKA Softline 82 specifications

System class
А класс
Outer side thickness
3,0 mm
Number of cells frame/casement
7/6 pcs.
Mounting depth
82 mm
Heat transfer resistance
1 m² · С/W
Number of seals
3 pcs.
Sealant color
grey, black
Glass depth
44, 52 mm
Surface lamination
Maximum sash weight
Maximum sash size
Additional properties

Blueprint VEKA Softline 82

  • The system has square reinforcement in the frame (lower part) and L-shaped reinforcement, with double bend in the sash (upper part)
  • The cap has a rectangular shape with a beveled upper part, for glazing with width 44 and 52 mm.
  • The depth of glazing entry is 25 mm, which ensures optimal passage of isotherms in the area of the remote frame of the glazing and reduces the risk of condensation.
veka softline 82 blueprint


  • For glazing 44 mm
    veka softline 82 cap
  • For glazing 52 mm
    veka softline 82 cap

Country of Origin

A subsidiary of the German concern VEKA GmbH in Ukraine – “Veka Ukraine”. The plant is located at: st. Igoreva, 2/1, Kalinovka in the Kiev region.
VEKA AG factory in Sendenhorst, 48324 Dieselstraße 8, Germany.

Physical properties

  • The specified heat transfer resistance corresponds to 1 class of products according to DSTU B V.2.7-130:2007 (national standards of Ukraine “Polyvinyl chloride profiles for enclosing building structures”) and norms DIN 4108 (DIN – national standards of Germany, 4108 – standards for thermal insulation in buildings) and EnEV (Regulation in Germany describing the minimum requirements for energy use in new and renovated buildings).

  • Due to the optimization of the temperature allocation within the profiles, no condensate is formed on the inner surface of the profiles (isotherm of 10 degrees Celsius) and the risk of mold formation is reduced.

  • The system of medium seals (3rd circuit) allows to minimize convection in the seam zone (between the sash and the frame) and provides an additional reduction in the heat transfer coefficient Uf). This makes the system one of the most energy efficient in its class.

  • Sound insulation EN ISO 717-1 (Acoustics. Assessment of sound insulation in buildings and building elements. Part 1. Insulation from airborne noise), sound insulation classes up to IV.

  • Anti-burglary characteristics comply with DIN V ENV 1627 – 1630 (European standards for facades, windows and doors, which regulate: requirements and classification, resistance to static and dynamic loads, attempts to penetrate manually). Depending on the hardware, the level of anti-burglary is up to RC2.

Where to use

  • Living spaces
  • Entrance doors
  • Warm Sliding Systems
  • Heated rooms
  • Passive houses

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