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Windows in the children’s room

rehau brillant 01

А класс | 70 mm

REHAU Brillant-Design

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Rehau Euro-Design 70

B class | 70 mm

REHAU Euro-Design 70

rehau geneo 01

А класс | 86 mm


rehau synego 01

B class | 80 mm

REHAU Synego

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When choosing windows for an apartment or a private house, special attention should be paid to the children’s room. Windows in the nursery should keep warm, provide good sound insulation, and most importantly, ensure the safety of the child.

Modern plastic systems allow you to choose windows with your own unique design and color in a child’s room. Bright and colorful colors of lamination will well complement any designer’s idea. Many parents prefer multi-colored windows (frame and sash of different colors) for the nursery.

The window allows you to control the amount of incoming light and fresh air to the child. A good window should have several ventilation modes, a sash lock system, and protection against glass breaking.

What windows to choose for the nursery?

As the main recommendations for completing a window in a children’s room, it is worth highlighting:

  • profile of at least five chambers and 70 mm mounting depth
  • frame reinforcement not less than 1.5 mm
  • two-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window (or multifunctional)
  • insulated support profile
  • anti-burglary fittings
  • double-glazed window with glass 6 mm or triplex
  • child lock or window handle with lock
  • the presence of a classic, winter and step-by-step ventilation
  • installation using a vapor barrier and a hydro barrier
  • number of fasteners in accordance with DSTU

Do not forget that a modern window can be integrated into a smart home system, automatically ventilate the room, notify about interaction with fittings, and much more.

Windows and child safety

Naturally, the first thing parents think about when choosing windows for a child’s room is safety. In order to protect your family and not constantly worry about children, be sure to install one or more child safety systems on the window. Such systems include special child locks and locks built into the window handle.

Child window locks block the possibility of opening the window by a child. That is, even if the child climbed onto the windowsill and turned the handle, the window would not open. At the same time, the sash can work for ventilation.

Handles with built-in locks make it possible to block the handle itself. That is, the child will not be able to turn the handle itself.

Such simple and inexpensive solutions allow you to completely close the issue and live in peace.

The price of windows for a children's room

The cost of windows can be calculated by going to the online calculator on our website. In just a couple of minutes you can compare the price of windows for a children’s room from different brands and with different equipment. You need to measure the approximate dimensions and enter them into the appropriate field of the template. Terms, lamination colors, decoration options and much more are presented in the online service.

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers to buy windows for the nursery at the best price with a guarantee. Our managers will help you choose high-quality windows with security systems. The showroom of the company presents samples of windows and all necessary fittings.

Window installers have extensive experience and are trained in the training centers of PVC system manufacturers.