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Double glazing

Двокамерний склопакет

A double-glazed window is a product consisting of three sheets of glass, which are glued together through spacers into a single sealed unit. As a result of gluing, two air chambers are formed between the three glasses.

Double-glazed windows are the most popular of all possible options. It is this double-glazed window that makes it possible to achieve the highest rates of thermal insulation and sound insulation of the window.

Practice shows that it makes no sense to make more than two cameras in a double-glazed window, since the difference in performance practically does not change, but the weight and price increase greatly.

The chambers can be filled with both air and inert gases (this greatly improves the heat transfer resistance).

Common formulas for double-glazed windows:

  • 4-10Argon-4-10Argon-4і
  • 4і-14Argon-4-14Argon-4і
  • 4Solar-20Argon-4-20Argon-4і

Application area

  • Glazing of apartments. The DSTU requirements for our climatic zone (Kyiv region) stipulate the mandatory use of double-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows (in residential premises).
  • Glazing of cottages. When glazing cottages, the issue of energy efficiency is particularly acute. A double-glazed window allows you to achieve maximum performance and save on both heating and air conditioning.
  • Glazing of office buildings. Office premises need double-glazed windows with increased sound insulation, sun protection and energy saving. All this is well combined in double-glazed windows with the right selection of coatings and equipment.
  • Glazing of industrial buildings. When glazing industrial premises with high requirements for energy saving, the choice in favor of two-chamber packages is inevitable.

Advantages and disadvantages

Double-glazed windows have a lot of advantages and this is the reason for their popularity:

  • very high rates of thermal insulation and noise insulation (this makes it possible to design window openings of very large sizes).
  • huge possibilities in the configuration (the width of the double-glazed window allows the use of glasses of different widths)


  • the cost is higher than that of a single-chamber;
  • the weight is higher than that of a single chamber.

Equipment options

Depending on the requirements and conditions of use, double-glazed windows can have a variety of properties and characteristics. The width of the products allows you to combine the possibilities of configuration and achieve maximum performance. The most popular configuration options are:

  • energy efficient (coated glass is used and Argon gas is pumped into the chambers)
  • multifunctional (solar-protective glass, energy-saving glass is used and Argon gas is pumped into the chamber)
  • with increased noise insulation (glasses of different thicknesses, triplex are used)
  • anti-burglary (triplex glass is used).


What does double glazing look like?

A double-glazed window is a glass structure, which consists of three sheets of glass glued together through special frames.

How to distinguish a double-glazed window from a single-chamber?

The number of glass sheets can be counted from the end side of the double-glazed window (should be 3 pieces). If this is not possible, bring the flame of a lighter or a match to the inner glass and you should see three reflections of the flame.

How much does double glazing weigh?

Depending on the thickness of the glass, one meter of a double-glazed window can weigh from 45 kg and more.