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067 123 7755

PVC windows

B class | 88 mm

Kömmerling 88

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Rehau Euro-Design 70

B class | 70 mm

REHAU Euro-Design 70

rehau geneo 01

А класс | 86 mm


salamander bluevolution 82

B class | 82 mm

SALAMANDER BlueEvolution 82

3 460 2 714 3 580

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Modern pvc (polyvinyl chloride) systems make it possible to order windows of various shapes, designs, properties, characteristics, and all this is presented in a different price segment. Plastic window systems have a number of undeniable advantages over wooden and aluminum solutions. All this ensures the undisputed leadership of PVC windows (in terms of popularity and demand) in all markets of the world.
The first pvc systems appeared on the European market in the middle of the last century, and for more than 70 years, the market for metal-plastic windows and doors is only developing. Obviously, the dynamics of development will not change in the future.
A variety of brands and manufacturers of pvc systems from all over the world are represented on the Ukrainian market. Today, the quality of window production, services provided, service and other market multipliers are at the highest level.

Custom windows - possibilities

PVC systems allow custom-made most non-standard windows:

  • standard rectangular designs
  • arched windows (correct and irregular radius)
  • round windows, oval shapes
  • trapezoidal windows
  • triangular windows
  • curvilinear shapes
  • curved windows

All this provides unlimited opportunities for glazing cottages, retail and office buildings and the construction of modern housing complexes.
In order for the windows to match the design of the facade and interior design, PVC systems can be laminated and painted. Color can be on one side or both sides.
With all the variety of shapes and colors – the service life of metal-plastic windows is not limited to even a few decades. In Germany, and to this day, you can find PVC windows of an absolutely normal appearance, which were installed in the 50s of the last century.

Eurowindows - order stages

You can often hear about modern plastic windows under the concept of “euro-windows”. This is due to the fact that technology came to us from the countries of Western Europe. It should be noted that the production and installation of windows in Ukraine is not much inferior to European standards.
To order windows in Kyiv and the region, you need to call the measurer of the window company to take the exact dimensions. It should be understood that windows are made according to individual measurements and they are suitable only for a specific opening.
Having the exact dimensions and configuration of the windows, the order goes to work. Within 7-14 days (depending on the color and shape of the windows), the order will be ready for removal to the site and installation work.
Installation of windows must be carried out in compliance with the requirements of DSTU and manufacturers of profile systems.

“Practically any window that can be drawn on paper can be implemented on site”, – Oleg Malyar (technologist).

Window factory - what to choose and where to buy?

Today, in almost every region of Ukraine there is the production of windows and the opportunity to buy windows from the manufacturer. Eminent brands are presented in the form of branded salons and Internet resources. There are many offers, but before ordering windows from the manufacturer, take care of the following:

  • all products must be certified
  • windows must comply with DSTU standards
  • energy-saving characteristics of double-glazed windows must comply with the standards
  • reinforcement of the profile system at least 1.5 mm
  • installers have the appropriate experience and knowledge for proper installation
  • original window fittings, with a full range of options
  • seals must be of high quality and durable
  • all products have a guarantee

Finished windows

If you need inexpensive windows for your country house, for glazing outbuildings, etc. – consider ordering windows from stock. Many manufacturers produce windows for the warehouse of finished products. The warehouse position makes it possible to optimize costs and reduce the final price of products by 10-15%.
Ready-made windows can also be bought in construction hypermarkets, but window companies make it possible to order windows at a better price and the delivery time will be shorter.
TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers to order windows of the best world brands at the most affordable price. To get the exact cost – go to the online calculator, substitute the sizes of your windows and get the exact prices in a matter of seconds.


Frequently asked questions and answers PVC windows are plastic windows?

Yes, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows are the usual plastic windows.

What is the delivery time for custom windows?

Depending on the configuration, the delivery time for windows is 4-8 working days (in white).

Do windows have a warranty?

Yes, all products (profiles, double-glazed windows, accessories) are covered by a guarantee.

How much do pvc windows cost?

To calculate the cost of pvc windows – go to the online window calculator.