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Single-chamber double-glazed window

Однокамерний склопакет

Single-chamber double-glazed window – a product of two sheets of glass glued together through a spacer frame. Between the two sheets, one sealed air chamber is formed. Single pane width and weight depend on the spacer width and glass thickness.

The chamber can be filled with both air and inert gases, which improve the heat transfer resistance. Argon is the most commonly used gas. This is an inexpensive gas that works great in combination with energy-saving glass.

Single-chamber double-glazed windows are very popular in countries with a warm climate, and in our climate zone, they are most often used in rooms without heating, non-residential premises and structures of the second glazing circuit.

Popular formulas for single-chamber double-glazed windows:

  • 4-16-4
  • 4-16Argon-4і
  • 4Solar-20-4

Application area

  • Balconies. Unheated balconies, as a rule, are glazed with profile systems with an installation depth of 58-62 mm in combination with a single-chamber double-glazed window. This allows you to significantly reduce the budget.
  • Balcony blocks. The exit to the balcony is the second glazing circuit and in this case it is rational to choose a single-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window.
  • Outbuildings in cottages. In garages, basements, gazebos and all other premises without heating, as a rule, single-chamber packages are installed.
  • Non-residential premises. A package with two glasses has much less weight than in the case of three glasses (double-glazed window). It is for this reason that single-chamber packages are popular on the facades of retail, office and industrial premises.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the fact that double-glazed windows have higher rates of thermal insulation and sound insulation, single-chamber windows remain popular due to their undeniable advantages:

  • the price of a single-chamber double-glazed window is lower than that of a double-glazed window (with a similar configuration)
  • the weight of double-glazed windows with two sheets of glass is less and this makes it possible to design products of much larger dimensions


  • indicators of thermal insulation and sound insulation are lower than those of a two-chamber (with a similar configuration).

Equipment options

Single-chamber double-glazed windows can have different characteristics and performance depending on the deposition on the glass, the type of distance and filling of the chamber. The most common options are:

  • energy-saving (on one glass there is a coating reflecting heat flows, an inert gas is pumped into the chamber);
  • sun-protection (on one glass a sun-protective dusting, inert gas is pumped into the chamber);
  • shockproof (glass is pre-hardened);
  • anti-burglary (triplex glass is used);
  • noise-absorbing (thicker glass or triplex is used).

It should be noted that a single-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window is superior in thermal insulation to a two-chamber one without energy saving.


What does single glazing look like?

From the front side, all double-glazed windows look the same, but from the end, you can see the number of glass sheets glued through the spacer frame.

How to distinguish a single-chamber double-glazed window from a double-glazed window?

Bring a lighter or match to the double-glazed window. Depending on the number of flame reflections, chambering can be determined (2-single-chamber, 3-double-chamber).

Which double-glazed window is better single-chamber or double-glazed?

With the same configuration – two-chamber.

How much does it cost to replace single glazing with double glazing?

Measure the dimensions and use the online calculator – it’s very easy and fast.

How to replace a single-chamber double-glazed window with a double-glazed window?

Replacing a double-glazed window: you need to order a new one, remove the glazing beads and replace one package with another.

What is better double-glazed window or single-chamber energy-saving?

The performance of a single-chamber with energy saving will be better.