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Window to the kitchen

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Rehau Euro-Design 70

B class | 70 mm

REHAU Euro-Design 70

rehau geneo 01

А класс | 86 mm


rehau synego 01

B class | 80 mm

REHAU Synego

salamander streamline 76

B class | 76 mm

SALAMANDER StreamLine 76

Prices for kitchen windows

3 460 2 714 3 580

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Metal-plastic windows are great for glazing apartments in general and the kitchen in particular. But, the kitchen window is operated in more contrasting conditions (than the windows in the room): high humidity, temperature changes, the need for frequent ventilation.

“The kitchen is the main room in the apartment” – Valery Zuya, designer

When choosing a window for the kitchen, we need to ensure:

  • maximum energy efficiency (to avoid condensation on double-glazed windows)
  • high sound insulation performance
  • the ability to ventilate the room in several modes
  • the opposite (if the window is in the zone of potential access for intruders)
  • child safety (if small children live in the apartment)
  • moisture resistant, high-quality window sill

Selection Guide

The double-glazed window of the kitchen window must be two-chamber and energy-saving (spraying and Argon gas in both chambers). If the window faces the sunny side, it is recommended to choose a multifunctional double-glazed window.

There are sources of high humidity in the kitchen, and if you choose an unsuitable double-glazed window, there is a high probability of condensation.

The fittings should be equipped with a convenient ventilation mechanism with several modes (standard, winter and step-by-step ventilation).

As a rule, there are more loads on the kitchen window sill than in other rooms. Modern wear-resistant window sills with thermal and moisture protection make it possible to simplify the cleaning process and easily fit the window sill into the kitchen design.

Kitchen window set

  • profile not less than 70 mm installation depth
  • two-chamber energy-saving or multifunctional double-glazed window
  • fittings with several modes of ventilation
  • two or three contours of high-quality seals
  • glazing bead groove plug (for convenient window cleaning)
  • heat-resistant window sill
  • installation using tapes and sealants to protect the installation seam

Do not forget that plastic windows in the kitchen can also be of very different designs (laminated, painted, with overlays, bars, etc.). If the overall dimensions allow, sliding systems are an excellent solution. The sliding type of opening makes it possible to open the sashes without removing everything superfluous from the windowsill (flower pots, household appliances, etc.)

Where to put a window in the kitchen?

The cost of a kitchen window depends on the overall dimensions and configuration. To calculate the price of your window – take the approximate dimensions, go to the online calculator on our website and substitute the dimensions in the appropriate fields of the template that suits you. In just a couple of minutes you can compare windows from different European brands, choose the color of the lamination, find out the delivery time and much more.

TM “NIMETSKI VIKNA” offers to buy windows for the kitchen at the best price. Contact our managers, we will help you choose the right equipment and provide high-quality window installation.

In the salon of the company there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the models of windows, there are demo boxes for energy efficiency and sound insulation, examples of different window installation technologies.